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Active Pilots
Total Active Pilots 210
Recruitment Status
Passed Applications 322
Pending Applications 5
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Expecting First Flight
1Redwan Lmati
2Ryan Sansome
3Deniz Altuğ
4Reto Buehler
5Arkadiusz Miodowski
Pilots are expected to complete their first flight

Mission Statement Turkish Virtual is the oldest Virtual Airline in Turkey. Since its inception in 2001, Turkish Virtual has provided innovative ideas that have set new standards in the world of Virtual Aviation.

Turkish Virtual is a virtual airline that simulates passenger flights around the globe. We strive to provide our Flight Simulation enthusiasts with the high-quality simulation of airline operations based on VATSIM Virtual Air Traffic Network.

Turkish Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with the real-world Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Virtual is a non-profit hobby organization with no ties to any real world airline nor organization.
Website and Forum The offical Turkish Virtual website is located at http://www.turkishvirtual.com
The website contains all the necessary information about operations, flight statistics, current flights, news, notams and events. However, user registration is required to access most of the available information.

Turkish Virtual has it's own support forum which can be accessed via Main Menu or by the following link: http://www.turkishvirtual.com/forum
Airline Management
Board of Administrators
General ManagersErhan M ARTUC - Bahadir ALKES - Yalcin KESER
Chief PilotsBerhan DONMEZ - Batu DEMIR
IT ManagerBahadir ALKES
Membership ManagerErhan M ARTUC
Forum ModeratorsYalcin KESER - Erhan M ARTUC
Dispatch DirectorYalcin KESER
Scheduling DirectorEnis YENIBAYRAK
Event DirectorNihat OZSENGEZER
Training DirectorsBerhan DONMEZ - Batu DEMIR - Bahadir ALKES
Checkride DirectorErman PILICOGLU
Documentation DirectorsErhan M ARTUC - Fikret Anil HAKSEVER
VfrClub DirectorErdal ELMACI
Heli Division DirectorBahadir ALKES
Airways Images EditorFikret Anil HAKSEVER - Okan ERGOKNIL
Magazine EditorOkan ERGOKNIL - Nihat OZSENGEZER
Live DispatchersVacant
Fleet & RepaintsBurak KAN - Fikret Anil HAKSEVER
Discord Server AdminFikret Anil HAKSEVER - Okan ERGOKNIL
Facebook AdminBulent AKBAY
Instagram AdminNihat OZSENGEZER
Twitter AdminErhan M ARTUC
Founders of Turkish Virtual
Board of Founders
FoundersBozhan OZSOY - Bulent AKBAY
Creators of Website and Flight Data Recorder (FDR)
IT DirectorsBulent ONER - Ozgur OZDEN - Ilker DEGIRMENCIOGLU - Bahadir ALKES
Head of Administration (2001-2013)
Head of Managers   Ergenekon KUCUK - Kemal TOLU
Honorary People of Turkish Virtual
This website section is dedicated to former members who provided an outstanding contribution to Turkish Virtual over the years. Without their hard work and dedication, Turkish Virtual Airlines would not be here today in its present form
Honorary People        Bozhan OZSOY - Bulent AKBAY - Ergenekon KUCUK
          Kemal TOLU - Bulent ONER - Ozgur OZDEN
          Ilker DEGIRMENCIOGLU - Berhan DONMEZ - Batu DEMIR
          Selcuk POYRAZ - Selim BILGIN - Hayri KARABILGIN
          Alp AKBOSTANCI - Ugur BILGIN - Deniz IREZ - Erdal ELMACI
          Can POLAT - Ugur YAZGAN
People Worthy of Honor
People Worthy of Honor
Worthy of Honor       Ali CAMAT - Serdar SUALP - Hakan GUVEN - Faruk BARAN
         Ahmet BEDIR - Hasan UNSAC - Burak DAGDEVIREN
       Ahmet AYBIRTEK
In Momoriam
May your lights forever shine in the virtual skies of heaven. 'Allah Rahmet Eylesin!'
In Memoriam Faruk BARAN - Ahmet AYBIRTEK - Kemal BAKI               
Above is the current list of admins/directors who contribute to the smooth running of Turkish Virtual.
Online ATC
LTBA_APP : 132.050
Alp Deniz Senyurt
LTBA_ATIS : 128.200
Alp Deniz Senyurt
LTFJ_ATIS : 128.550
Alp Deniz Senyurt
LTFM_A_ATIS : 126.350
Alp Deniz Senyurt
LTFM_D_ATIS : 128.850
Alp Deniz Senyurt
ATIS Information

Daily Activity
On Air1
Avg. Quality Score  0
Flight Performances
This Month'
F.Hours1,659 hrs
F.Count1,123 flt.s
Since 2001'
F.Hours371,502 hrs
F.Count234,485 flt.s
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Assignments Status
96,82 %
Sim Types Rate
P3D 40.61 %
XPlane 37.84 %
FSX 12.20 %
MSFS 8.69 %
FS2004 0.66 %
As of 26 Aug 2019
Out of 48,122 Flights
Forum Highlights
New Season Checkride on Sunday, 17th July 2022 at 17:00 (Z)
1 Reply
P3Dv4-4.5: LTCA-LTFM Rwy issues have been fixed.
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Waiting Reply
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Baki Yücedal
Mert Can
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New 10 Pilots
1Ali Tamer
2Metehan Mıhçıokur
3Mehmet Dizman
4Emre Poyraz
5Ivan Chernyshev
6Akın Bıldık
7Artem Bezpalov
8Kerem Oral
9Mert Çopur
10Berkay Çimen
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