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01 Oct 2019
• A problem, which had no negative impact on the course of a flight process and which caused the flights to stay on the 'Who is online' table on the main web page when the FDR was shut down with improper methods instead of pressing the 'Exit Recorder' button, has been identified and fixed by some code improvements.
• Juana Azurduy De Padilla Military Airbase (SLSU - Sucre, Bolivia) have been added to FDR's airports database.
• Simulator type data has been added to flight report which is sent at the end of the flight in order to keep sim-type statistics and to understand with which simulator the pilot flew when a bug/error report was sent to the management.
• FDR has been implemented with crash report capability and this report have been compatible with the other FDR's reports. Pilots will be able to see the report of this crash on the main web page under 'crew centre/my profile/Incidents' menu.
• FDR has been introduced with a settings menu. With this menu, it is now possible to set the FDR's Pop Up Windows Settings which the pilots used to make on the main web page. This menu is visible on FDR Destinations menu on which the flight is selected.
• A new flight type, which is called 'Free Flights' have been added. With this new system, pilots will be able to borrow a helicopter for 3 days, will be able to take off from any airports even if the helicopter's last position is not that airport, fly wherever they want, and will not have to return the helicopter back to its' main base. You may consider this type just like the other FDR's charter flights. Since this is not realistic, you will receive very low seniority points (1/10 of normal point). You will not be given any Non-Airport Landing Zone mission during free flights. The pilots will not plan the flight routes on the web page, instead, they will type the ICAO code of the airport they wish to fly on FDR's charter box.
17 Mar 2019
• Some improvements with data surveillance over vatsim servers have been injected into FDR. All vatsim data servers are now under the tracking of turkishvirtual.com main web site. If any of the vatsim servers are detected malfunctioning, then the web site will remove it from FDR's tracking list. If all servers are down, the FDR will not disqualify the flight until any of the servers is back online again.
• The use of 'vatsim refresh' button, which was being used by our pilots to refresh the vatsim data upon a flight plan crisis, but mostly used in an unproper way and in turn which caused the loss of the flight by a disqualify, has been restricted. From now on, the button will be disabled once the push&start phase starts. The system will refresh the data by itself once every 5 minutes.
• FDR Vatsim menu is now showing the name of the vatsim data server which the FDR currently receives online flights data. Please report the name of the server if you continuously receive flight plan errors on a specific server (Please make sure your flight plan is correct before reporting).
• The function button for bringing the helicopter to its last parked position has been cancelled for XPlane. The XPlane starts the simulation only on specific start points which are defined on a scenery. If the aircraft is forced to start on a random point on any airport, the XPlane gets into turmoil. That's why, this function has been cancelled for Xplane. (FSX and p3d users will still be able to use it)
• Some minor bugs have been fixed.
24 Oct 2018
LTFM (Istanbul New Airport) and LTSV (Sivrihisar Private Airport) have been added to FDR database.
• Minor bugs have been fixed.
01 Aug 2018
• Turkish Virtual has been moved to secure servers and the website has gained https feature. FDR is now compatible to work with secure server.
Special missions option has been added to mission creating options. From now on, not only the airports, but every point on earth can be a mission point.
• When on a special mission flight, the pilots will be able to land on an enroute airport and refuel the helicopter after engine shutdown, the FDR will not disqualify due to fuel change. (Do not forget to press the refuel button on mini gps)
• FDR has been added the codes of dynamic passenger/cargo load. By this, the load of helicopter will change as you take off and land at different points. (The real weight of the helicopter will not be evaluated).
• There are now Time Based Missions on special mission flights. If you can not complete the mission on time, then the FDR will give you penalty !
29 Apr 2018
• After sending the flight report, FDR will ask you whether you wish to make another flight or not. If you wish to make another flight, the FDR will reset itself and restart automatically (without asking for the password and your pid number).
• Vatsim's server problems have been fixed by some codes which makes our web site to takeover when Vatsim servers are in trouble.
• Minor bugs have been fixed.
02 Apr 2018
• Non Airport Landing Zone capability has been added to FDR.
• G-Force penalty limit has been increased.
22 Mar 2018
• If you land in the middle of a flight and shutdown, you will be able to restart the engines and continue the flight.
• Lights penalties at the end of the flight have been fixed.
14 Mar 2018
• FDR-H has been released.

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