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Dear vPilots;

This airport is the 3rd airport in Istanbul and has been built to replace LTBA Ataturk Airport which will shut down the operations after 2020. It was opened on 29th October 2018 on the day of 95th anniversary of declaration of modern Turkish Republic.

Turkish Virtual Airlines (www.turkishvirtual.com) that operates on Vatsim has made a cooperation among its pilots and some other virtual pilots in order to start flight operations on P3D, FSX and X-plane to LTFM at the same time with the real World operations. It took more than 2 months to complete this project thanks to the endless efforts of ...

P3Dv4.3 and FSX Team
Erman Gokman PILICOGLU, Kamil UZUN, Bahadir ALKES, Hakan DAGHAN

X-Plane Team
Hayri BUBERCI, Kamil UZUN, Muhtesem Firtina OZCINAR

AFCAD and ADE modellings (for FSX and P3Dv4.3)

3-D modellings
Hayri BUBERCI, Kamil UZUN, Muhtesem Firtina OZCINAR

This scenery can be best viewed for the P3D and FSX if Orbx libraries and P3Dv4.3 SDK (Prepar3D v4 SDK is installed on your system.

Please read carefully before downloading!
- This sceneries have been prepared as a contribution to the flight sim community and it's totally free.
- They can not be sold by any means, besides, They can be freely downloaded from Turkish Virtual servers, can be freely shared between individual people, however, they (the P3Dv4.3/X-PLANE/FSX versions) can not be shared by any virtual airlines or by any organization on internet, on their web sites, on social groups or whatsoever public internet environments.
- We kindly request from internet organisations to provide a link to Turkish Virtual Airlines (Vatsim) main web page for downloading.

LTFM Istanbul new airport sceneries for P3Dv4.3, X-PLANE, FSX, and other version X-PLANE sceneries can be downloaded free of charge via down below links:

Turkish Virtual Airlines - LTFM Sceneries (P3Dv4.3/X-PLANE/FSX)
For All X-Plane Sceneries For Turkey Region Please Visit This Link
1 LTFM ISL Istanbul New Airport FSX Istanbul International Airport Hakan DAĞHAN
2 LTFM ISL Istanbul New Airport P3Dv4.3 Istanbul International Airport E. PİLİÇOĞLU, K UZUN
3 LTFM ISL Istanbul New Airport XPLANE11 Istanbul International Airport BÜBERCİ, UZUN, ÖZÇINAR
4 LTFM ISL Istanbul New Airport XPLANE10 Istanbul International Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
Last Update For LTFM (X-PLANE 11) was 02/11/2018 - LTFM (P3Dv4.3) was 06/11/2018

Turkish Virtual Airlines - 'X-PLANE 11' and 'P3Dv4.3' Sceneries
For All X-Plane Sceneries For Turkey Region Please Visit This Link
1 LTAC ESB Ankara Airport XPLANE Esenboga International Airport BÜBERCİ, M. YUM
2 LTAN KYA Konya Airport XPLANE Konya Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
3 LTAT MLX Malatya Erhac Airport XPLANE Malatya Erhac Military and Public Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
4 LTAU ASR Kayseri Airport XPLANE Kayseri Erkilet Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
5 LTBJ ADB Izmir Airport XPLANE Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
6 LTBS DLM Mugla Airport XPLANE Dalaman International Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
7 LTCE ERZ Erzurum Airport XPLANE Erzurum Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
8 LTCR MQM Mardin Airport P3Dv4.3 Mardin Airport E. PİLİÇOĞLU
9 LTFE BJV Bodrum Airport XPLANE Bodrum Milas International Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
10 LTFG GZP Alanya Airport XPLANE Alanya Gazipasa Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
11 LTFH SZF Samsun Airport XPLANE Samsun Carsamba Airport Hayri BÜBERCİ
For all other scenery downloads, please sign in and go to 'Sceneries', under the 'Pilot Centre' or click this link !
Downloads are arranged in alphabetical order descending ICAO ... Last Update was 02/11/2018

• Both installations are the classic way for the P3D and FSX,
• Copy the LTFM_P3Dv4.3/FSX folder to your Addon Scenery folder,
• Start your p3dv4.3/FSX,
• Click on Scenery,
• Click on Add Area,
• Find and mark the LTFM_P3Dv4.3 or FSX folder by browsing your sceneries,
• Click OK - OK
• That's it,
• This scenery can be best viewed for the P3D and FSX if Orbx libraries and P3Dv4.3 SDK (Prepar3D v4 SDK is installed on your system.

• Flags of The World,
• FF Library,
• MisterX Library,
• Open Scenery X V3.0.
• There are 2 sceneries within this pack, LTFM and LTBA. You need to install these versions together to see correct state of the airports. Do not forget to delete old LTBA before installing the new version.

• THE-FAIB Aircraft Library,
• TFS Aircraft Library,
• Flags of the world,
• Flyby Planes,
• World-Models,
• Open Scenery X v3.0,
• R2_Library,
• RD_Library,
• Download Autogate Plugin (Marginal) here
• Download librarys here

We wish an enjoyable flight to all virtual pilot enthusiasts .

This service is owned and operated by Turkish Virtual Airlines.

Turkish Virtual Administrators

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For all other scenery downloads, please sign in and go to 'Sceneries', under the 'Pilot Centre' !

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