27 Mart 2022 Ağır Abiler -1 Etkinliği

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27 Mart 2022 Ağır Abiler -1 Etkinliği

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Merhabalar Saygıdeğer Pilotlarımız,

Kış Etkinlikleri serimizi sonlandırdıktan sonra, bu yıl sadece iki uçuşluk, önceki senelerde de yapmış olduğumuz gibi Ağır Abiler Etkinlik uçuşlarını planladık. Bu planlama yapılırken discord üzerinden sizlerin de değerli fikirlerini önemseyerek uzun uçuş isteğinizi göz ardı etmedik ve iki uçuşumuzu da bu şekilde planladık.

Ağır abiler etkinlikleri "heavy" kategorisine giren ve VA'mıza kayıtlı uçak tipleriyle uçuşa katılabildiğiniz etkinlik çeşididir. Peki "cargo" uçaklar bu etkinliğe katılabilir mi? Hayır sadece "heavy" yolcu uçaklarıyla bu etkinliklere katılabilirsiniz.

İlk uçuşumuz ana üssümüz LTFM İstanbul Havalimanından FACT Cape Town Uluslararası Havalimanına yapılacaktır.


Cape Town Uluslararası Havalimanı Güney Afrika'nın ikinci en işlek havalimanı ve Afrika'nın dördüncü en büyük havalimanıdır. Bir çok ülkeye bu havalimanından günlük seferler düzenlenmektedir. Yıllık 11 milyona varan yolcu kullanımı ve 100 bine varan iniş kalkışıyla Afrika'nın işlek havalimanlarından biridir. Şirketimizin İstanbul'dan direk tarifeli seferi bulunmaktadır.


İki adet piste sahip havalimanında pist doğrultu ve uzunlukları: 01/19 - 3201 m. ve 16/34 1701 m.

- Event Information;
Departure Airport: LTFM - Istanbul INTL
Destination Airport: FACT - Cape Town INTL
Event Start Time: 09:00'Zulu - 12:00'Local
Event Register Close Time: 10:00'Zulu - 13:00'Local
Event Attending Close Time: 11:00'Zulu - 14:00'Local
Flight Type: IFR
Real-Time Flight: Yes
Open For Student Pilots: Yes
Flight Levels: 320-380
Flight Distance: 4866 nm
Flight Time: 10:10

- Notes;
- Our pilots participating in the event will be awarded +10 seniority and 15% additional points to those who have attended the checkride exam. Extra seniority bonus amounts may vary depending on the status of the event.
- It is essential to observe the voice communication procedures with ATCs. If your level of English is not sufficient, PLEASE talk with VOICE / TEXT in TURKISH / ENGLISH.
- Our event is open to student pilots as well.
- Student pilots who do not have the right to fly abroad on the day of the event will be given the right to fly overseas, and after the event ends, these pilots will only be able to return to one of the Turkish airports.
- Prepare your preparations/plans for the event in advance.
- Make your communication with ATC short, clear and understandable.
- Understand and follow the instructions given by ATCs correctly. Ask for any instructions to be repeated if not understood.
- Due to the densities that may occur at the event departure, follow your slot queue, track other traffic movements, and help the communication flow by not occupying the ATC channel unnecessarily.
- Due to the heavy traffic, try to hold procedures that can be given in FACT TMA. Our forum contains detailed information (http://turkishvirtual.com/forum/viewtop ... f=4&t=7157). Do not allow wrong hold entries.
- For various reasons, remember that the runway may be closed, and traffic may restrict you from leaving the runway. Prepare for the missed approach procedures specified in the relevant charts for FACT airport.
- First of all, use voice, do not hesitate to do a proper Turkish language communication, even if you cannot speak, "receive", that is, listen to ATC, take the instruction by voice and respond/reply as text. In this way, you will not cause a mess in heavy traffic.
- Apply without waiting for possible speed, altitude and heading information ATC can give. Remember, a mistake you make will put the other traffic behind you into trouble.
- For various reasons, make the communication problems with ATCs as text accordingly with RESPECT.
- Some Vatsim clients can create problems with some audio servers. If you have issues with one of them, please use alternative programs like (vPilot, sqbox, Swift)

Event regulations;
- Our pilots participating in the events will be given seniority according to the level of the event.
- By the new event rules, the FDR event flight selection will be opened 5 minutes before the event's start and will automatically close 2 hours after the beginning of the event.
- Persons who participated in the event within the first 2 hours from the event's start time. And whose flight status was ATTENDED while in this state, if they had to leave their flight due to any problem on this flight, they will be able to re-enter the event within the next four hours after their flight, even if the event participation time is closed.
- The pilots who want to attend the event after the event time is over will not be able to see the event option in the FDR, and the management will not offer them any other options.
- You have to arrive at the event departure airport using our free tickets or fly yourself to the event departure airport before the event time start.
- According to the decision taken, the flights selected outside the EVENT, like charter/schedule flight types, will not be counted as event participation.

Promotional Transfer Tickets;
- For those who want to go to the event departure airport, real-time free tickets are given by the management. It is the responsibility of the pilots to use this ticket for the event departure airport and arrive at least 2 hours before the start of the event. We want the pilots to act as planned. So, for pilots who do not go to the event departure airport on time, management will not make a separate effort for those pilots.
- Not using the free tickets for the event will expire two hours after the event start.
- The free tickets are instant tickets and provide instant transfer to the event departure airport. The tickets given for the return are also instant tickets.
- Suppose a ticket request has already been made to the pilots who have participated in the event. In that case, another ticket will be allocated for returning to the airports they want after the event.
- During the event application, people who requested a ticket and went to the event departure airport but could not attend the event will still be assigned a separate return ticket after the event.

- Dispatch Service;
- For Dispatch Service, please visit the Dispatch page: https://turkishvirtual.com/dispatch.asp

- Sceneries;
- For all Turkish airport sceneries, please visit the Sceneries page: https://turkishvirtual.com/scenerys.asp

- Charts;
- For all Turkish airport Charts, please visit the Charts page: https://turkishvirtual.com/charts.asp

- Event Registration Form;
- Please visit the event participation form page and confirm your participation to show your participation in the event: https://turkishvirtual.com/events_participants.asp
- Discord meeting time: 27.03.2022 08:30'Zulu - 11:30'Tsi - https://discord.com/invite/pp7y2qh7vU

Kind regards,
Turkish Virtual Events Director
Contact Events department: https://turkishvirtual.com/public_relat ... act_us.asp

Turkish Virtual EVENTS Department
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