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PILOT'S B314 The Clipper - BASIC Version released! Coupon in

PostPosted: 16 May 2021, 16:55
by artuncs
Sevgili arkadaslar. VA'iza gonderilen ve ilgili arkadaslar icin paylasmamiz istenen aciklamayi asagida aynen veriyorum;

''Dear PILOT'S Patrons!

This is to give you notification that today we have released a Basic Version of our Boeing B314 - The Clipper.

We understand, that not every user is prepared to dig into heavy manuals to be able to fly this wonderfull historic Flying Boat.

Thus we removed some of the "study level" stuff and made it a "load the scenario and off you go" aircraft for those, who just enjoy to feel and fly this heavy equipment.

Maybe later, once you have learned to manage this historic aircraft and wish to get the Professionaly Study Level Version, we will have a very nice offer to upgrade.

Currently this Basic Version is available exclusively at our own shop at

priced at the very attractive price of just EUR 29,95.

And we go even further. To make it an easy descision we do offer a coupon code which gives you 2 EUR off this already very low price! The coupon code ist valid for just 10 days, so please do consider this.

Your code: 7bb2485f0e06

Please do enter it in the appropriate field at checkout at our webshop and click "redeem".

And a reminder: Did you know that your purchase at our own shop saves us the commission we have to pay to other vendors, which can be as high as 40%? Money that is needed for investment into new products for your sim. Vendors do not make you new products. We do. And if we can not invest, new products will cease to exist. Reflect on that ...

Take care and stay healthy in diffcult times!

Thank you for your continued patronage!''

Stefan Schaefer