Helicopter Missions

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Helicopter Missions

Postby THY3716 » 04 Mar 2021, 12:18

We invite everyone to be a part of our Helicopter Division. Have you ever visited our "Helicopter Special Missions" page? Aren't you tired of flying the boring jets? Is it you or is it the FMC that flies your jet? Wouldn't it be better if you could land on any place on earth? Take a look at these example missions. Come and join a very exciting simulation adventure. Heli Div...

https://www.turkishvirtual.com/heli_mis ... asp?id=114

https://www.turkishvirtual.com/heli_mis ... w.asp?id=4

https://www.turkishvirtual.com/heli_mis ... asp?id=112

https://www.turkishvirtual.com/heli_mis ... asp?id=115

https://www.turkishvirtual.com/heli_mis ... asp?id=110
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